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MyLove Shared with PJL

MyLove Stories wants to preserve and share love stories of Jewish couples that met after age forty in order to inspire, strengthen, and build new connections between single Jews over age forty to foster Shalom Bayit lifestyles.

Through story submissions we will remind each other that love exists and partnership can be formed at any age. Simultaneously, the Judaic concept of L’dor V’dor will be upheld by collecting, sharing, and preserving these love stores.

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“On paper, we were not a match. He was only looking for a friend or an activity partner, while I POM-thumbnail-01was looking for more. If I had read his profile more closely, I never would have contacted him; but, as fate would have… In April 2010, we met in person and were married a little more than two years later in June 2012.
I think that as women, sometimes we think too much. We create a picture of someone who we think would be a good match for us, when in reality, no one knows what a good match is until people meet in person.
He and I enrich each other’s lives in so many ways and complement each other in our personalities and attitudes. We feel so blessed to have found each other at this point in our lives.”
Anonymous couple over 40+ Scottsdale, Arizona