Love Notes

Love Notes will feature the Jewish approach toward:Project Jewish Love

– The type of dating that leads to marriage
How to recognize Beshert characteristics in another
– Incorporating children and teens into your dating
– Babies to blended; raising a family
– Merging established households in order to create Shalom Bayit
– Family purity practices
– Rituals, traditions, and tzedakah together
– How to honor loved ones’ memories and love onward
– Balancing your self identity and time management toward another
– Emunah
…and many more!

Throughout the remaining 2016 calendar year, Project Jewish Love will strive to bring quality
information and resources to our participants and members.

Available Resources:

Read: The Secret of Love, A Shavuot Message by Rabbi Allouche
Watch: Jewish Perspectives on Love by Rabbi Allouche


We hope you share the excitement toward our launch and future growth.

If you are interested in contributing toward or sponsoring any of the “Love Notes” topics listed above, please contact us with your ideas.  Thank you.

We thank you for your advanced donation, sponsorship, and support.